Writing Poetry - Why It's Better Late Than Never

I started writing poetry about ten years ago. Until then I didn't realise I could do it. I've met several women since who've said the same thing. One woman told me she'd read somewhere you become more creative when you get menopausal. Maybe that's supposed to make up for all the other horrible changes your body goes through, I don't know. I do know that first poem led to me write many more,a few of which you will find on my site. I've also written numerous articles, three books, and now maintain four websites and three blogs. They were a natural progression.

It happens to men too though, and often it is around middle age when people who've never previously shown any inclination for words take up the pen, or computer. Perhaps it's because by the time we reach our forties we've had sufficient experiences to stretch our imaginations and have something we feel is worth writing about. Also people do tend to take us more seriously as we should, after all, have grown up. Of course that isn't the case for everyone. Some people just grow old.

There is supposedly a book in all of us. Everyone is unique and we all have a tale to tell. Our observations of life are different and we can express them in various ways. A lot can be said in a few words, which is why I like poetry. However, for me, the verses have to rhyme.

My absolute hero was Rohald Dahl. I love all his work, but lately I've also come to appreciate many of the poems in our monthly free local village magazine. Here is one submitted by Iris Hesseldon. I've no idea who she is, but if she wrote it and ever reads this, "Well done". I think the poem is lovely.

I have a son with autism and he loves the Disney movies. One of his favourites is Bambi and I thought of that when I read this poem. There is a scene where Thumper's mum (the rabbit) says "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all", and it's one I try to live by.

In this poem the sentiments are that you can really make someone's day with simple gestures. I know it works. I've seen it happen, and it costs nothing to be nice to people. Try it and spread a bit of happiness. We all need it.

Evening Thoughts

If angels ask you what you did
What you achieved today
Would it be hard to answer them
And just what would you say?

We can't accomplish mammoth tasks
Small jobs we need to do
But maybe you just lent a hand
Or shared a smile or two

Perhaps you sent a greeting card
Or simply made a call
By lifting someone's heart and mind
You left them walking tall

So as the day fades fast away
And you lie down to rest
You'll hear the angels whispering
Well done, you did your best!

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