Mercury Poisoning – Yes, Your Teeth May Indeed Be Killing You

I don't know about you but I consider myself to be fairly energy conscious. I switch off lights when not in use, don't overfill the kettle and never leave the television or computer on standby. However, I must confess I don't have many energy efficient light bulbs yet, although I understand in a few years there won't be any others. People are already hoarding them away. Maybe they'll become collectors' items. Just make sure you keep the box, as apparently that's the important bit. Well, at least it is on auction and antique shows.

Anyway, the main reason I don't use energy efficient light bulbs (apart from the expense) is they are too long and unsightly. They simply won't fit in my down lighters and in the fittings where I have a normal shade, or none at all, they look ridiculous. Also, they take a long time to get bright enough to see anything.

However, I now have another reason for avoiding them as long as possible, and that is mercury. It's recently been disclosed they contain this dangerous heavy metal and if one should break in a normal house, the advice is that everyone should be evacuated. That may sound extreme to some, but not to me. You see, I had mercury poisoning and now know quite a bit about it.

I know fluorescent tubes contain mercury and are considered "hazardous waste" by Environment agencies. The companies that dispose of them have to wear special safety clothing. I also know small domestic barometers are disappearing fast and already hospitals have replaced their mercury filled thermometers.

There are various sources of mercury apart from fluorescent and energy saving lights including, but not limited to, batteries, body creams, cosmetics, crematoria, diuretics, fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes, fungicides, pesticides, industrial waste, laxatives, paints, photo engraving, psoriatic ointments, seafood, sewage disposal, skin lightening cream, tanning leather, tattooing. However, the main culprits and the ones, which affected me, are vaccines and dental amalgam.

Mercury is the second most toxic substance on the planet after plutonium and it makes up 50% of every amalgam filling. Did you know your teeth could be killing you? Don't laugh – it isn't funny and unfortunately for many it's a very real situation. Believe me, I know.

I've had letters from people all over the world suffering from the condition and only last week I was speaking to a 54-year-old builder who was terrified because he'd just been told he had mercury poisoning. He'd had extensive filling replacement done seven months ago and his health has been deteriorating ever since.

He's very weak, incredibly forgetful and panics about silly things. They are classic early symptoms, but unfortunately as neither the medical nor dental professions acknowledge mercury poisoning caused by amalgam fillings, it often gets misdiagnosed. Usually patients are led to believe they are either losing their mind, or are written off as complete hypochondriacs. Both are wrong.

Mercury poisoning is very difficult to diagnose because no two people will present with the same problems, and unfortunately it is hard to test for. Mercury only stays in the blood stream for a short transit period so blood tests are inconclusive. As mercury is a fat binding toxin, it attaches itself to the fatty organs in your body, and depending on which one (or ones) it selects, the health signs and symptoms of something not being right will appear. Unless you are offered some form of chelation to get the mercury back into your blood stream, the only other real test mainstream medicine can offer would be by doing a biopsy. Needless to say there aren't many people wishing to undergo one of those.

I know of people who have been completely bedridden because of mercury poisoning, and many have wished to die. Some have.

As I said, mercury poisoning is no joke. If someone says to you they think their teeth are poisoning them, don't just dismiss them as being crazy. Believe them and offer support. What do you think was wrong with The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland?

Yes – Mercury Poisoning!

There are tests available and with the right help and support, mercury-poisoning symptoms can disappear. It's a long process though. Just don't give up.


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