No Sun Tanned Skin For Me - Doctors Orders!

I'm writing this article outside in the sunshine. Well, actually that's not completely true.

I am outside and the sun is shining beautifully but I'm sitting in the shade. As much as I'd like to feel the heat of the sun on my exposed limbs my days of sunbathing have gone - doctors orders!

Like many people I love to have a tan. It has always made me feel healthier (and slimmer) somehow, and from my mid teens until my early thirties I spent many a happy hour soaking up the sun's rays.

But not any more.

I have done so much damage to my skin over the years that if I had one of those special skin X-rays done I would look about ninety! I've had all sorts of things burned, frozen or cut out and it has to stop before I get the kind of skin cancer that cannot be treated.



Helen said...

Hi Jean! Thank you for this amazing post! I've quoted it in my Summer Skin Care article!

Jean said...

Thanks Helen. Hope people take notice.

Best wishes