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It's pretty obvious from the lack of people in shops these days several of us buy "online". Whether it's from e-bay, amazon or other retailers, travel companies and insurers, shopping online is quick, easy and usually hassle free.

Did you know though, that shopping online can be beneficial to certain registered charities?

I didn't, but the whole reason I am here on the internet is because of my youngest son who has autism. He is fortunate enough to attend a residential college for students with learning difficulties. He's there during term time for three years, but after that I have no idea what he'll do. I've given myself until July 2011 to make my business successful, so I can hopefully employ him in some way.

The college he attends is called Linkage Community Trust, and is a wonderful place with a fantastic ethos. All the students are encouraged to be the best they can inspite of their difficulties and everyone supports each other. It's how life should be.

Anyway, there is a search engine called www.easyfundraising.org.uk, which has hundreds of charities registered with them. If you register LINKAGE COMMUNITY TRUST as your supported charity, every time you shop online through their search engine, over 800 participating companies will automatically make charitable donations to my son's college.

Isn't that cool?

It won't cost you anything other than the time it takes to register, BUT it will help enable people with learning disabilities realise their dreams!

Please consider going to www.easyfundraising.org.uk to check it out. Simply shopping through that search engine for the items you are going to buy anyway could really make a difference to a lot if people!

It's worth a look even if you'd rather support a different charity other than Linkage Community College.



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