Dental Amalgam Poisoning - Now Do You Believe Me?

The FDA, the world's major health regulator announced on 5th June 2008, something thousands of us have known for years, - dental amalgam fillings are toxic.

Amalgam means a mixture of mercury and another metal (or metals). In the early 1800's it was originally developed as a cheaper alternative to gold, and consisted of a paste made from the filings of silver coins and mercury. However, the impurities in the coins caused it to expand and crack the teeth, so a different composition was devised.

This new mixture, a combination of 50% liquid mercury and other metals such as silver, tin, copper and zinc in different proportions has always caused safety concerns. In America there were even Amalgam Wars between those in the gold camp who said the amalgam was poisonous, and those in the amalgam camp who accused their adversaries of being too greedy and denying the majority of the population access to dental fillings.

Indeed, in 1845 there was a resolution passed pronouncing the use of amalgams as "malpractice". Unfortunately, the ban wasn't very effective, and whilst dentists disputed its safety, it became the filling of choice because of financial reasons.

Unquestionably, amalgam is inexpensive, easy to use and durable. However, what has always been questionable is whether the mercury is permanently trapped in the amalgam. Until relatively recently most dentists maintained it is, although they couldn't prove it. On the other hand, there has been much evidence to the contrary.

We now have visible proof mercury vapour leaks from amalgam fillings at room temperature, and confirmation that chewing, brushing your teeth and drinking hot liquids releases it even faster.

Still, even with this evidence, and the statement by the World Health Organisation that there is no safe level of mercury in humans; dentists and governments have maintained mercury vapour does not present a problem. They theorised it was quickly passed through the system and passed out via the urine or faeces.

That may be so for people with good immune systems but for anyone whose immunity is compromised in some way, mercury is particularly dangerous. I should know. I had mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgams and make no secret I believe it was dental work carried out whilst I was pregnant, combined with the mercury preservative (thimerosal) in childhood vaccines which contributed to my youngest son's autism.

Clearly, I am not alone as it was the lawsuit brought by advocacy group, Moms Against Mercury, (who are seeking to ban the use of mercury in amalgam fillings and children’s vaccinations), which resulted in an official statement appearing on the FDA website, admitting mercury-containing dental fillings 'may have neuro-toxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.'

Mercury is a fat binding toxin and if it can't be excreted for whatever reason, it will attach itself to various organs of the body. Depending on which one (or ones) it attaches itself to, different symptoms will be experienced and no two people will present with the same problems. Also, the symptoms may not appear for days, weeks, months or even years after the amalgam fillings have been placed so often there is no connection made between dental work and ill health. This makes mercury poisoning very difficult for health professionals to recognise, and unfortunately, in many cases has resulted in either misdiagnosis, or the misplaced belief the patient is a hypochondriac.

One general indication mercury poisoning may be a problem is if a person suddenly gets a lot of inexplicable symptoms, which don't fit into any of the classic boxes., i.e. Parkinsons, Alzheimers, ME.

Some countries already ban the use of mercury fillings in pregnant women and now the FDA are calling for further research, and may eventually announce a complete ban. It's long overdue in my opinion.

Dental amalgam may be easy to place but is difficult to remove. It has to be carried out SAFELY using correct procedures. It is not something to be undertaken lightly. If you are already suffering the effects of mercury, the last thing you want is for your body to flooded with more.

If you suspect mercury poisoning seek professional help immediately. The problem will not go away. As long as you have dental amalgams in your mouth, they will release mercury vapour twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year., and if you cannot get rid of the mercury, your symptoms will get worse.

Also you need to bear in mind if you have your amalgam fillings removed, whilst it will prevent them creating more mercury, you will still need to get rid of the mercury inside you by using some form of chelation. This can also be a dangerous process so take care especially if you have any renal problems.

Good Luck!

Jean Shaw



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. And lots of other places, I can't keep up with the number of shocking testimonies now coming up on the web though none quite as bad as my own case.

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