Too Much Time And Not Enough Money? - Try Blogging

I have always been an early bird and am very good at getting up in the mornings. I know it's not the case for everyone though, and often see people drag themselves, bleary eyed past my house on their way to catch the morning train.

I feel sorry for them, especially when the weather is bad and know they'll arrive for work cold and wet. In the summer too, when the weather is warm and sunny, they'll be stuck indoors trading their time for money making someone else richer.

It's not just the working either. Many people spend several hours travelling to and from their place of work, and there's a lot more to consider than just the pay packet when you are offered a "job". The word "freedom" springs to mind, or rather lack of.

Of course we all have to work and it's such a shame so few people actually enjoy what they are doing. I think I can count on one hand those who have told me over the years that they "love their job".

However, love it or loath it, a "job" tends to take up a vast proportion of a person's life, and it comes as quite a shock when one isn't available. Financially it makes things difficult, but also many people often miss the social side of working. Of course not everyone gets on with all their work colleagues, but we are social creatures and used to being with others.

The main problem for most people who have no "job" is they find themselves with too much time on their hands and no idea how to fill it. That's one of the reasons many people seem to change once they retire and although we might all say we can't wait to give up work, the reality is often quite different.

Men, in particular, find retirement difficult because if their wives are at home they usually do the domestic chores and often complain their husbands are now always "under their feet".

If a person has a hobby or interest, that obviously helps considerably, and so does having plenty of income. Everything costs money and people live a long time these days. Unless you have made wise investments over the years, any retirement nest egg can soon disappear.

That's where blogging can be such a wonderful opportunity. If anyone can use a computer and can type e-mails then it opens a whole new world. It's easy to learn and anyone can do it regardless of age.

You can set up a blog for FREE, and although you don't have to blog to make money, it can certainly provide a very lucrative passive income once you understand the process.

It's something you can do from home, or anywhere with a computer access. You also work the hours you choose and that means just one thing – Freedom!

You can find many free and paid courses on blogging but one of the best ones I've found is provided free with GVO which is an amazing hosting company providing all the tools you need to create a presence online.

Take a look and check out Chet Hastings videos. He's an inspirational grandad who didn't start on the internet until he was in his sixties!

Take care and good luck

Jean Shaw

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