Review of Lisa Diane's Dream Life Discovery

Lisa Diane's Dream Life Discovery - A Review

I've always believed everything happens for a reason and we have a choice to either move on or just accept what life throws at us.

It would have been easy for me to just roll over when my son was diagnosed with autism but deep down I knew that something good would come out of it and it has. My books have apparently helped others and that is great.

Someone else who has helped others is Lisa Diane, and it is not without good reason she has been dubbed the "Queen of Dreams". Her rags to riches story has been an inspiration to thousands of people, and her expertise has generated multi-million dollar revenues.

Her unique qualities contribute that special something which no-one else can replicate and clearly she was put on this earth to share the secret of how to be in control of your own destiny,

She enjoys a lifestyle most people only dream of but it's not all about money. She has total freedom and the ability to enjoy peace of mind.

Lisa wasn't born into money, didn't have a college education or any special skills or training. She's just an ordinary woman from an ordinary family, and if you were to pass her in the street you would never guess the extraordinary power this woman possesses. Highly respected in the Internet Marketing circle, everything Lisa Diane says makes sense.

When she speaks, she's truly inspirational, and her Dream Life Discovery programme is a revelation. It makes you look at yourself in a way that isn't always comfortable and makes you realise that with just a little shift in belief and attitude you have the power to control your own destiny.

Dream Life Discovery is no ordinary self-help or motivational type information. Infact, much of it you already know, but just don't realise, and this simple, easy to use, step-by-step proven method allows the average person to be truly happy, healthy and wealthy instead of just settling for what comes along. Most people have the quality of their lives dictated by other people, and 97% of people never discover there are no limits to have, do or be everything they want in life.

The course itself consists of a few worksheets and 12 audio CD's. In each one you genuinely get an "Aha" moment when the truth hits home. Inspired by the universal Laws of Attraction and Gratitude, Lisa reveals we get what we expect and accept.

She explains, clearly that success, health, wealth and happiness are your birthright and YOU have the power to design your ultimate life. Coming from a religious background she points out it wasn't God's intention for us to be unhappy, unloved, unfulfilled and full of worry and stress, and infact we create our own lives. Indeed, she affirms the only limits to what you can have, be or do are those you place on yourself.

The twelve sessions are narrated primarily by Lisa Diane, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Each one lasts about an hour and their titles give some indication as to their content:

Don't Just Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams
How To Think So Your Life Doesn't Stink
Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open
5 Magic Words - Become Your Magic Wand
I'll Take Sticks And Stones Any Day
Obsess Your Way To A Magnificent Life
Speak What You Seek
The Art Of Abundance
Love The One You're With
The 20 Minute Miracle
The Art Of Asking
The Art Of Receiving

Dream Life Discovery raises your awareness of the world around you and opens your mind to new opportunities and dreams. It allows you to re-write your life by emphasising that your thoughts create your life. It's a purpose led, think and grow rich system.

Session 10, which is the 20 Minute Miracle, is split into four, five-minute sessions. Lisa Diane suggests you practice them every day. The first part is a breathing exercise, the second is where you concentrate on all the things in your life you are grateful for, the third is a visualisation session where you create the life you want as if it already exists, and finally, in step four you make your affirmations and thank God for your creations.

It's very powerful – (if you use it), and Lisa Diane is so confident of the positive outcome of her system, she offers a full 6-month guarantee.

It's simple but effective and I believe this system could work for anyone. I personally feel it ought to be included as part of the school curriculum, and handed out by doctors instead of prescription drugs and medication.

It's not a magic pill, but could be life changing. Certainly it's well worth investigating if you want more from life, albeit wealth, joy, success, happiness, confidence, self-esteem or simply peace of mind.

It's worth noting that just for handing over your e-mail address you can get a FREE copy of the 20 Minute Miracle, and that I believe is a "no-brainer". Dream Life Discovery certainly gets my approval.

Jean Shaw


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