Writing Articles - Qui docet, discit – He who teaches, learns

I heard on the news today Latin is going to be taught in secondary schools. In my day it was only ever taught at the grammar schools. I don' t know why . Well, perhaps I do. It wasn't that it was elitist - just hard!

Even forty years ago it was considered a dead language, only useful if you wanted to be a doctor,lawyer, or horticulturalist. However, one thing in it's favour was that it remained constant, unlike modern languages which can be somewhat fluid.

Learning Latin was like slow torture but it did give me a good understanding of other languages and even made English make sense.

Today I've forgotten most of my Latin but thankfully my English is still pretty good. That's probably why I've just been made a Platimum Ezine Articles Author.
I've even got the badge to prove it.

EzineArticles.com Platinum Author

How about that then?

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